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CHNL.com (Channel), a online platform for sharing user-generated content, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to ramp up the service to full operating capacity. CHNL.com supports open and transparent communications between viewers, content creators and advertisers. This approach stands in contrast to the industry status quo.

“Our goal with CHNL.com is to provide a great user experience for everyone, but also establish a more open, fair way for the main stakeholders to work together,” said Shannon Atkinson, Founder. “This category is defined by opaque agreements, mysterious algorithms and less than fair dealing. We want to change all of that.”



  • One year ad free content
  • Beta Access to CHNL
  • Consumer level access in our online forum
  • Founders Badge


Content Creator

  • One year of Ad-Free content
  • Beta Access to CHNL
  • Content Creator level access in our online forum.
  • Content Creator level support
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  • One year of Ad-Free content
  • Beta Access to CHNL
  • Developer level access in our online forum.
  • Developer level support
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Crowdfunding Effort
Jan 2021
Alpha Development and Testing (Closed)
Mar 2021
Beta Development and Testing (Registed)
May 2021
Open Beta Testing
Jun 2021
Commercial Release
Jul 2021
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About Us

Although I have served at the center of all of the research and preparations for CHNL, I am not working alone. There are, in fact, three different teams working in conjunction on this effort. The main team is in Portland, Oregon, including myself, and there are secondary teams in Ludhiana, India, and London, England. We are combining our expertise and our experience engineering highly scalable infrastructures, in addition to drawing on a sharp awareness of social media, gleaned from our connections in the industry. --Shannon Atkinson